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We are the organization that helps people suffering from mental illness or disabilities find self-advocacy groups, also known as “People first”. In these groups, people work together in order to improve the lives or their members and their own.


General Advocacy

 – The use of numerous form of advocacy in order to influence numerous policies and public opinion. The general advocacy is an important part of developing social and political systems.

Travel Information

 – All the information on travel security, safety, and health. Helping you find the best suitable options for you. All are tailored specifically for your needs and wishes.

Suport services

Suport services

Self Advocacy Liaisons and Peer Advisors

 – This is a movement that is led by people labeled with developmental disabilities. They promote equality and inclusion. They can be mentors to others.

Government & Non-Profit Services

 – Be informed of your rights, the policies and low that is regarding your life, and the ways you can exercise your rights. Be a part of development.

Vision and Mision


Every person has the right to speak in his own name, decide on his own behalf, participate in decisions concerning themselves and their environment.


We are helping people who are suffering from disabilities or mental illness to gain their legal, civil and other rights. To live in dignity, and to be involved in all the flows of society.


We were able to connect people with advocacy groups that are suited to their needs, we helped people to be heard, to exercise their rights, and to stand up for themselves and their communities.

Bryan Greywood


Michael J. Harrell – With your help I found the advocacy group that is tailored to my needs. I was able to get legal and healthcare help I was very much in need. Now, I am a self-advocate and I am doing for my community everything that is in my power.


Cynthia J. Middleton – You helped me exercise my rights in the company I work which is a great deal to me. Now I am a part of the system and I am fighting for a change that is very much needed. My disability is not a reason for people to stop treating me equally.

Linda Wonders

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