Why You Need a Private Health Advocate vs. Insurance Advocate for Your Employees and Your Bottom Line


Healthcare costs are always rising so it is a quite common thing that companies are struggling to provide a good and affordable healthcare coverage. Our healthcare system can be complicated and abstruse, especially when you are in need of various answers.


People are not informed of what the insurance and healthcare can and cannot cover. They do not know how to deal with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies… It can be quite overwhelming. Today, there are numerous insurance companies that are offering advocacy services. But people often forget that these companies are responsible for the bottom line of that company, not you. Also, these services are often limited. That is why your best option is private health advocate.

Main reason

The main reason why is this the best option is because private health advocate is working for – you, your employe and their family members. The difference is that the insurance advocate is not available to family members. Private advocate is not someone you deal trough phone, impersonal, it is someone dedicated, someone who builds a personal relationship that leads to trust, respect, and understanding. Private health advocate will be truly informed about every your need, will be available to give you correct and informed answers, he will be invested in your healthcare needs.


Companies that don’t have insurance package can through private health advocate provide service that is high quality. And trough that service company and employers will benefit a lot. Having an employe that is often taking leave of absence. Or an employe that cannot focus on tasks ahead of him is tiresome for that person and company as a whole. With private health advocate who will be available to your employees and their families, these problems are avoided. Private advocate is there for your people, he is informed, invested, and stimulated by a job well done. They are making sure that all is done at the right time, that needs are met. That insurance is maneuver the best way possible. This way employees not only stay at work and not out of. They are more productive and well taken care of.