Opioid epidemic: A Look At The Creation Of Opioids, Addiction, Healing And Rehabilitation

Opioids are natural alkaloids of plant origin or synthetic substance that have the ability to cause a strong euphoria, leading to psychic dependence, then suppressing pain, making breathing difficult and coughing, reducing the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Legally used in medicine as an integral part of total anesthesia (morphine, fentanyl and the like) as a means of rapid pain relief (, Oxycontin, Vicodin, combined analgesics), as substitution therapy agents – methadone, suboxone. They are present in the black market and are illegally used – heroin, opium, acetylated opium, and other manually or industrially produced derivatives.


The spread of drug abuse can be interpreted in several ways. The result is the expansion and strengthening of international crime and the increase in production and supply; the change in the quality of life and the increased demands that a modern society puts on man. Addiction carries the danger the person addicted but also to both the family and the entire community.


Detoxification is a process of complex measures aimed at cleansing the organism from substances and overcoming abstinence syndrome (crisis, withdrawal). The type of detoxification is selected individually based on the analysis of several important factors:

  • Substance – A combination of several substances always aggravates and prolongs abstinence syndrome.
  • Doses, level of tolerance, the frequency of use of narcotics during the day.
  • State of health and the presence of accompanying diseases.
  • Cooperation, motivation, willing mechanisms.


Physical addiction implies changes in the functioning of an organism caused by prolonged drug use. These changes, after cessation of drug use, are characterized by different symptoms, depending on the means of addiction. Psychological addiction has changed the state of the organism in which a person feels a strong need for a constant taking of drugs in order to maintain the feeling of good psychic situation and satisfaction. Drug tolerance is a condition in which an organism comes after a long-term use of the agent. Where it is necessary to increase the dose in order to increase good functioning. Abstinence syndrome is a set of symptoms that occur after drug discontinuation